Our colleagues from China have met with the SPbU’s Vice-Rector for Methodological Support Marina Lavrikova to discuss further collaboration, with priority areas student and academic exchange.

SPbU-China collaboration is an overarching priority for SPbU, said Marina Lavrikova.

“Since we collaborate with China’s universities and have a treaty of collaboration in education, the University is regarded as a centre for Russia-China collaboration”, — said Marina Lavrikova.

For the last years, SPbU has opened a number of educational programmes with a specific focus on China: in oriental studies, law, economics, tourism, and sociology.

We are ready for our collaboration. Moreover, we have all the necessary opportunities to develop our partner relationships.

SPbU’s Vice-Rector for Methodological Support Marina Lavrikova

The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences is among the top 25 research institutions in China, and Russia-China collaboration is vital for the institution, said the head of the Chinese delegation, Vice-Rector of the Academy Chjan Chjaoan. “We are well aware that the University is top-ranked in the world’s league tables and is successful in collaborating with the many institutions in China”, — said Chjan Chjaoan.

Another area for collaboration is students and staff exchange, said the head of the Chinese delegation.

As part of the Russia-China strategic collaboration, we should develop students exchange and our cooperation in culture, education, and research.

Vice-Rector of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Chjan Chjaoan

The only factor that can impede our collaboration is a language barrier, said Chjan Chjaoan. However, the students of SPbU are quite competent in Chinese, some of them can have internship programmes in China now, said Marina Lavrikova. “Besides, the University has high-celibrestaff who can teach Russian to the Chinese students”, — said Marina Lavrikova.

The first stage is to sign a framework agreement on collaboration that is to be drafted in the nearest future.

Founded in 1958, the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences is the oldest research centre in social sciences and humanities in China. It comprises 17 research institutions, with a specific focus on education. The total student body is 700 in various post-graduate and graduate programmes in social sciences and humanities.

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