Актуальные вопросы тюркологических исследований

559 Actual Problems of Turkic Studies * PhD in Asian History, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University. Dai Matsui* Uigur-Turkic Influence as Seen in the Qara-Qota Mongolian Documents In the field of the philological study on the Pre-Classical Mongolian materi- als brought from Central Asia, the comparative analysis with the contemporary Old Uigur materials has been well established. For the most noteworthy exam- ple, we can remind the pioneering work on a Qara-Qota Mongolian contract document by Francis Woodman Cleaves [2]; and Prof. György Kara also con- tributed with an article to publish seventeen Qara-Qota Mongolian texts [4]. Quite recently, a large number of the Qara-Qota Mongolian materialspre- served in China (Inner Mongolia) andthe United Kingdom have been provided for academic circles, mainly in the facsimile volumes from Chinese publishers 1 . From the viewpoints of the Mongolian philology and history, MDQ is the most valuable achievement to offer eighty-six Pre-Classical Mongolian texts. In those Mongolian texts, we can find the loanwords and calque s derived from Old Uigur, some of which have been unfortunately overlooked in MDQ: Loanwords arba <Uig. arpa “millet” 2 bu г dai (~ bu г udai) < Uig. bu г day “wheat” 3 qalan< Uig. qalan “official labour service, qalan -service” 4 qor <Uig. qor “loss, damage” 5 1 英國國家圖書館藏黒水城文獻 [Yingguo Guojia Tushuguancang Heishui cheng wenxian] 5 vols. Shanghai, 2005; 中國藏黒水城漢文文獻 [Zhongguo-cangHeishuicheng Hanwenwenxian], 10 vols. Beijing, 2008; ZHMW. 2 Correctly remarked in MDQ, 31. 3 Correctly remarked in MDQ, 31. 4 Correctly remarked in MDQ, 28, though their qala should be modified into qalan . For Uig. qalan as the labour service [see: 9. P. 72–75]. Here qalan is attested in a hendiadys ( albanqalan ) with its Mongolian synonym alba(n) . 5 MDQ, Nos. 2 9 , 5 9 . MDQ, 39, correctly related Mong. qorqoms-a bol- with Chin . 鼠 耗 shu-hao “additional portion of taxes, which imposed in advance against the loss during