Языки и литературы тюркских народов

65 Macedonia is unseparated part of Turkish culture. Existence of Tur- kish culture in Macedonia has been spreading since 4 th century AC till nowadays. Nowadays Turkish people live scattered in every region of Macedonia. The most of Turkish people live in the west part of Mace- donia in such towns as Gostivar, Kalkandelen, Ohri, Struga, Kirchova, Dere, Uskup and in the east part in such towns as Koprulu, Valandova, Usturumca, Radovish and Islip. Nowadays every part of Turkish culture is saved in all regions where Turkish people live. The turning points of Turkish culture are old style based baby born, weddings and death ceremonies ᾿ implementation and belief. The aim is to save traditions of past which lasted for thousands of years and to hut these savings to nowadays practices. Macedonia plays an important role in revealing of Turkish culture existence on the present land today as it was in previous centuries. Cultural elements of past times play an important role in the eva- luation of region’s traditional culture’s texture. Future evaluations will indicate the place of physical and moral cultures in traditional texture. Nowadays Macedonia is kind of hand that helps to continue the spread of Turkish traditional culture in Balkans. That is why implementation of Turkish culture in different regions has similarities. H. Kohrs Kegel Theory and practice translating the works of the great Turkmen poet Magtymguly Pyragy into Spanish and German The great Turkmen poet Magtymguly Pyragy is highly appreciated in Central Asian and Oriental countries, especially with Turkic lan- guages speaking populations. On the other hand, we must take into ac- count the role of Magtymguly in Russia and other countries of slavonic languages and culture. Unfortunenately, very little is known about the Turkmen poet inWestern Europe, and we found only very few and some dispersed translations into Western languages. That is the reason why we tried about more than ten years ago first to study and later begin-