Языки и литературы тюркских народов

66 ning to translate the poems of Magtymguly step by step into Spanish. Finally, our translation has been published by the National Institute of Manuscript and the Academy of Science of Turkmenistan and presented during the International Scientific Conference on Magtymguly held in Ashgabat in May 2014 celebrating the 290 anniversary of the birth of the poet. Now our next challenge is to finish our translation of the poems of Magtymguly into German, a language which is also our mother tongue. Much research is done and many articles are published on literary translation by scholars and experts of different countries in the frame of “Translation Studies” in order to establish an adequate theory for this subject area. This intention is extremely difficult as literary and especially poetic translation normally use to be a personal and indi- vidual challenge for any translator since in poetic translation we must decide between prose translation or rhymed version into our target lan- guage. On the other hand, we must consider the multiple difficulties which must overcome even experts aiming to translate the beautiful poems of Magtymguly full of rich legendary metaphors, mythological images, religious and philosophical allegories and understand the ancient lan- guage of the poet using also vocabulary of Arabic and Persian origins based in former times of different linguistic, cultural and historical en- vironment. The literary translators venturing to translate the poems of Magtymguly into foreign languages will need an ample preparation acquiring adequate background knowledge in order to present an ap- propriate version of the works of the great Turkmen poet in their target language which normally used to be their mother tongue. Y. Köktan Kosova Türk Folklorunda Geçiş Dönemleri The transition periods (the birth, the marriage, the death) in folklore of Kosova Turks Bu çalışma, Kosova’nın Prizren ve Gilan kentinde yaşayan Türk- lerin geçiş dönemi inanmalarını ve uygulamalarını ele almaktadır.