The delegation from Fudan University headed by Deputy Director for Student Affairs Zhao Qiang visited SPbU. China’sleaderineducationandresearchwasparticularlyinterestedinSPbU’smentorprogramme, Department for Student Affairs and how the University instills a feeling of patriotism in students.

Thedelegationmetthe Department for Student Affairs, Department for International Cooperation, and admissions commission for international students.

The head of the Chinese delegation in the opening speech said: - It is a great honor for us to visit the oldest Russian university. Your university’s wide range of discovers changed the world. Many academics, staff and researchers from SPbU visit Fudan University, and Fudan University sends its students to SPbU. Our exchange of experience in student affairs will foster our relations.

The Department for Student Affairs told about communication via a web-site, corporate e-mail, a student profile, Blackboard, and face-to-face communication between mentors and students. Chinese counterparts were eager to know about a mentor programme at SPbU. The mentors are both academic staff (for first-year students) and students. How well mentors do during a semester is assessed by questionnaires. Iftherearesomesoundreasonswhystudentsarenotsatisfied with a mentor, a new mentor is appointed. The head of the Chinese delegation examine a questionnaire.

Moreover, the delegation gained insight in to how the SPbU Student Council works, how it is organized and what is its role in patriotic education. Whatarousedmostinterestwasastudentgroup “Ingria” toundertakearcheologicalexpeditions to explore militaries died during the Great Patriotic War.

The delegation was told about admissions for international students and exchange student programmes at SPbU.


Reference: Fudan University is the oldest and leading university in China. Formed in 1905, it makes the top 5 universities in China and top 100 universities globally. Member of the C9 League.

In2013, Fudan University and St Petersburg University signed a student exchange protocol. So far, SPbU has accepted a number of Chinese students and sent its academic staff to deliver lectures and take part in conferences. Recently, researchers from SPbU and Fudan University have published three papers in natural sciences and interdisciplinary areas.