St Petersburg University ranks first among Russia’s universities in the field of Law and is the vice-champion in the overall standings of the Three University Missions Rankings. The rankings are published for the first time. St Petersburg University has taken 13 prizes, including one first place, eight second places, and four third places.

In accordance with the programme for the development of the ecosystem of the Three University Missions Ranking, a pilot project of the national subject rankings in 29 areas of study was implemented. It includes 136 universities from 41 regions across Russia.

St Petersburg University won gold in Law; silver in Chemistry, Sociology, Psychology, Mathematics, Linguistics, History and Archaeology, Geography, Biology; and bronze in Economics, Philology and Journalism, Management, Geology.

The first place in Law is a recognition of the merits of the University in legal education. In March 2022, Vitaliy Ivanenko, Associate Professor at St Petersburg University, was awarded the Fyodor Martens Medal by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for special merits in promoting the study of international humanitarian law. Earlier, Ludmila Galenskaya, Professor at St Petersburg University, was awarded the Lawyer of the Year Award, while Ekaterina Dmitrikova, Associate Professor at St Petersburg University, and Mikhail Galperin, Associate Professor at St Petersburg University, became winners of the annual ’Justitia’ Legal Award.

The subject rankings are based on the data from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation; Clarivate Analytics; Scopus; the organisers of the student competitions "I am a Professional"; the SCAN-Interfax; social media monitoring and analysis systems; online course aggregators; the Alexa Web Analytics; and social networks.

Earlier, St Petersburg University entered the top 40 best universities in the world according to the Moscow International University Rankings "Three University Missions Ranking" (MosIUR). St Petersburg University has climbed four points and reached 36th place compared to the previous year, and is now far ahead of all St Petersburg’s universities: ITMO University (270th place); Peter the Great St Petersburg Polytechnic University (the 301–350 group); and Pavlov University (the 501–550 group) to name but a few.