"Japanese for beginners" course introduces students with basic information about Japanese writing system, grammar, phonetics, and communication etiquette. SPbU launched follow-up courses for those who are interested in Japanese culture, traditions and history.

While studying the "Japanese for beginners 3" and "Japanese for beginners 4" courses students will learn more about N5 and N4 levels’ grammatical structures (equivalent to A2 level in CEFR) and gain hieroglyphic and vocabulary minimum (100 new characters and related lexical items in each course).

Each course consists of four units including linguistic and cultural stories about Japanese sights and traditions, specifics of speech etiquette, essential for successful communication and understanding of local dialects. Courses are taught by native speakers and contain dialogues and complementary audio materials. As a result, students will master Japanese grammar and vocabulary to obtain desired language proficiency level in exam.

These courses may be useful to students of universities and those who are interested in Japanese culture, including specialists in linguistics, Oriental and cultural studies. "Japanese for beginners 3" and "Japanese for beginners 4" are already available on the OpenEdu platform and you can enrol for it now!