The University launches a new series of online courses "Russian as a foreign language: from A2 to B1". It is aimed to help students to improve the basic level of Russian to the intermediate level of Russian that is required for admission to Russian universities.

"Russian as a foreign language: from A2 to B1" online course is available on the OpenEdu National Platform. Each module of the series includes lectures on grammar, useful vocabulary, animated dialogues and exercises to test your knowledge. While training students will discuss interesting and important topics such as education, life in a city, cultural and historical monuments, the Russian history, etc.

The series will be of use to those who have basic language proficiency: who can read simple texts, inflect words for person, number, gender, and case, discuss and describe their point of view on everyday problems.

There are also many other courses in Russian as a foreign language on the OpenEdu National Platform. They cover all levels of language proficiency. For example, there are "Russian for Beginners: А0-А1" and "Russian Language A1+: From Elementary to Basic" courses for those who start learning Russian. Those who have B1 level of Russian can improve their knowledge and skills with "Russian as a foreign language: B1-B2" course. "Business Russian Communication" course is designed for students who wish to learn more about business communication. Those who are interested in preparing for the TORFL can choose "Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL/ТРКИ): B1" and "Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL/ТРКИ): B2" courses.