The main objective of the Olympiad is to identify and develop an interest in the Russian language and Russian culture among schoolchildren and students of non-Russian origin. The Olympiad is also aimed at strengthening their creativity and interest in research. Additional conditions are created for the support and development of the Russian language abroad.

"Participation in the Olympiad in Russian as a Foreign Language is not only an opportunity to test your knowledge, gain new experience and feel the competitive spirit that has been a distinctive feature of the Olympic movement since Ancient Greece, but also a good chance to contribute to the intercultural dialogue of different countries", noted Dmitry Ptyushkin, Acting Director of the St Petersburg University Language Testing Centre.

Schoolchildren and students between the ages of 14 and 27, who learn Russian as a foreign language, are invited to participate in the Olympiad.

The Olympiad will be organised in two rounds:

  • The preliminary round will be held by correspondence from 10 to 25 January 2019;
  • The final round will be an on-site one held in a participating country from 4 February 2019 to 24 March 2019.

Registration of participants will be held from 5 December to 30 December 2018. The instruction is available on our website in the "Additional materials" section.

The preliminary round includes an online subtest "Vocabulary. Grammar" followed by completion of the online subtest "Writing". The participants must upload scanned copies of the completed written assignments to the St Petersburg University information system within three calendar days from the moment they have been granted access to these assignments.
During the final on-site round of the Olympiad, the assignments must be personally completed in writing. The final round consists of four parts: "Writing"; "Reading"; "Listening Comprehension"; and "Speaking".

Demo versions of the preliminary round are published on our website in the "Additional materials" section.

Test your knowledge and register for the Olympiad by filling out the form here.