Symposium  “Interaction models in East Asia in the 20 - 21 centuries: sociocultural and international dimension”. 12 January 2018, Universitetskaya emb. 11, room 223 (SPbU, Faculty of Asian and African Studies).

10.00 – 10.30 Opening Ceremony

Session 1. Interaction in East Asia at the first half of 20th century: struggle and cooperation (10.30 – 12.30)

  1. Nikolay Samoylov (St Petersburg University), Visual images of the Soviet Union, Western Countries and Japan in China (1950s -1970s)
  2. Igor Saveliev (Nagoya University), The Recruitment of Chinese Contract Workers by the Murmansk Railroad in Northeast China during WWI
  3. Miyazaki Chiho (Nagoya University), Medical topography of the Russian fleet and mineral springs in Unzen and Obama
  4. Sakabe Shoko (Nagoya University), About Construction of Underground Military Factories in the Last Wartime in the Gifu Prefecture and the Project to Return Bones of Chinese Laborers
  5. Dolgor Dermaa(Nagoya University), Political Repressions in Mongolia: The life history of Tsyben Zhamtsarano (1880-1942) (Skype session)

12.30 – 13.30 Dinner

Session 2. Political dimensions of international cooperation in East Asia in the 20-21st centuries (13.30 – 15.30)

  1. Stephen R. Nagy (International Christian University), The Indo-Pacific Concept vs the Belt Road Intitiative: Competing regionalisms and Great Power Rivalry
  2. Anna Kharitonova (St Petersburg University), The repetitive model of China-Cambodia interaction: study of the case of bilateral relationships in 1953 – 1970
  3. Nikolai Fedorov (St Petersburg University), Soviet and Russian models of interaction with Vietnam
  4. Anna Lelenkova (St Petersburg University), Japan-India strategic partnership as a mean of the China containment policy in Asia

15.30 – 16.00 Coffee break

Session 3. Thinking, Understanding and Rethinking: Culture and identity in East Asia in 21st century

  1. Horie Norio (University of Toyama), Changing Chineseness in Russia (discussant Nikolay Samoylov)
  2. Polina Rysakova (St Petersburg University), Rethinking of Japan's period of Taiwan's history in today's senior high school textbooks (discussant Miyazaki Chiho)
  3. Eugeny Osmanov (St Petersburg University), Contemporary history education in Japan and China
  4. Mariia Malashevskaia (St Petersburg University), Eurasianism in Japan at the beginning of the 21st century: the Eurasian discourse in the novel by Kuroki Ryo "A runway on the Silk Road"