Актуальные вопросы тюркологических исследований

Актуальные вопросы тюркологических исследований 516 I.cop.indir indirective copula ikän equa equative ganda.conv converb based on the locative of the participle in {‑G 4 A 2 n} gan.postt post‑terminal past in {‑G 4 A 2 n} gan.ptcp participle in {‑G 4 A 2 n} gen genitive gi adjectival derivational suffix {‑gi} hyp hypothetical marker {‑sa} indir indirective ip.conv converb in {‑(I 3 )p} ip.postt post-terminal past in {‑(I 3 )p} loc locative make.lightv q ɨ l‑ ‘to make’ used as a lightverb n pronominal n neg negation ord ordinal number pass passive past past tense pl plural poss possessive postp postposition postt post-terminal viewpoint postv postverb pres present tense ptcp participle sg singular since.postp postposition tartip ‘since’ stand.postv tur‑ ‘to stand’ used as a postverb tur.cop the copula tur ‘to be’ vn verbal noun