Knorozova Ekaterina Yuryevna

PhD in Philology, Associate Professor

Кнорозова Е.Ю.


  • St.Petersburg
  • 199034
  • Universitetskaya emb., Build. 11


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PhD in Philology (1988),  PhD thesis: "Notes on how mulberry plantings turn into a blue sea" Pham Dinh Ho and  Nguyen An  and Vietnamese traditional prose of small forms " (supervisor Prof.  А. Trotsevich) 


  • Associate Professor of the Department of Philology of South-East Asia and Korea, Faculty of Asian and African studies of St. Petersburg State University
  • Researcher of the Library of the Academy of Sciences


  • Faculty of Asian and African studies of Leningrad State University (1982), specialty - Oriental philologist (Vietnamese philology);
  • PhD Programme in Asian and African Literatures, Institute of Oriental Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1982-1987)

 Sphere of scientific interests:

  • literature,
  • source study,
  • folklore,
  • religion of Vietnam 

Working languages:

  • Vietnamese,
  • Chinese,
  • French,
  • German



  • Myths and legends of Vietnam / Preface., Tr. from Vietnamese languages and the harangue, comm. E.Yu. Knorozova. St. Petersburg: Petersburg Oriental Studies, 2000. 208 p.
  • Miniature gardens of countries of the Far Eastern cultural region / Preface., Tr., comm. E.Yu. Knorozova. SPb .: Science, 2007. 425 p.
  • Wanderings in the infinite. Vietnamese traditional prose of small forms. St. Petersburg: Library of the Academy of Sciences; Alpharet, 2009. 344 p.


Training courses:

  • The Spiritual Culture of Vietnam
  • Ancient and medieval literature of Vietnam
  • Vietnamese Traditional Prose
  • Vietnamese and Chinese mythology
  • Russian and foreign concepts of Vietnamese studies
  • Modern Vietnamese text
  • Traditional Vietnamese text