Earlier this year, St Petersburg University and the Korea−Russia Dialogue Forum opened the Club for Korean students of Russian universities. At present, the club organises meetings for Korean students studying in Russia and Russians interested in Korean culture.

The first events were held in St Petersburg. According to Lee Biyeonghyun, the club’s deputy chairperson and a student at St Petersburg University, members were enthusiastic about the idea of a face-to-face meeting format, as for a long time it was only possible to hold events online. ‘I suggested holding a face-to-face meeting in St Petersburg. We all got enthusiastic about this idea. We all have the same feelings and emotions. So, it was a blast,’ Lee Biyeonghyun said in his interview.

The geography of the first events was not limited to St Petersburg. In addition to visiting the main sights of the Northern Capital of Russia − St Isaac’s Cathedral, the Bronze Horseman, the embankments of the Neva River, and Palace Square − the participants also went to Vyborg, where they visited the Vyborg Castle State Museum.

In May, the club held another meeting in Moscow. It was attended by Korean students from Moscow universities (the National Research University ‘Higher School of Economics’ and Moscow State University) as well as Russian students. At the meeting, Choi Mingyu, Chairperson of the club, who is passionate about Russian culture and history, shared his impressions of his stay in Russia with the meeting participants, talked about the difficulties of learning the language, and gave valuable advice to beginners in learning the Korean language. Also, in Moscow, the club members attended a k-pop concert where Russian singers performed songs in Korean.

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