Department of Philology of South-East Asia

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Department of Philology of South-East Asia © FAAS

The Head of the Department: Yanson Rudolf A.

Languages taught:

  • Batak, Burmese, Chinese, Indonesian, Javanese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Malay, Middle Chinese, Old Burmese, Old Chinese, Old Korean, Old Vietnamese, Tagalog, Thai, Vietnamese.


  • Adverbial Participle in Korean
  • Classical Kоrеan Texts
  • Introduction to Kоrеan Studies
  • Kоrеan Grammar
  • Kоrеan Proverbs and Popular Sayings
  • Kоrеan Writing
  • Spoken Kоrеan
  • Theoretical Grammar of Kоrеan

  • Buddhism in Burma
  • Burmese Dialects
  • Burmese Epigraphy
  • Burmese Poetry
  • History of Burmese
  • National Minorities in Burma
  • Spoken Burmese
  • Theoretical Grammar of Burmese
  • Theoretical Phonology of Burmese
  • Classical Lao Epic "Sin-Sai"
  • History of Thai Literature
  • Lao Language
  • Thai Language
  •  The Modern Press in Laos
  • Theoretica1 Grammar of Thai
  • Word Formation in Modern Thai 

  • Business Vietnamese
  • Classical Vietnamese Poetry
  • Ethnography of Vietnam
  • History of Vietnamese Literature
  • Introduction to Vietnamese Philology
  • Spoken Vietnamese
  • The Noun in Vietnamese
  • The Saigon Dialect
  • Theoretical Grammar of Vietnamese
  • Verb in Vietnamese
  • Vietnamese Literature of the Enlightenment

  • History of Indonesian Literature
  • Introduction to Malay-Indonesian Philology
  • Malay Dialects
  • Malay Historical Poetry
  • Spoken Indonesian
  • Theoretical Grammar of Indonesian

  • History of Khmer Literature
  • Introduction to Khmer Philology
  • Khmer Lexicology
  • Theoretical Grammar of Khmer

  • Introduction to Tagalog Philology
  • Problems of Tagalog Lexicology
  • Tagalog Grammar

  • Comparative Lexicology of the Languages of Southeast Asia
  • Comparative, Historical and Typological Study of the Languages of China and Southeast Asia
  • Shared Trends in the Development of the Literatures of Southeast Asia


The Department of Philology of South-Eastern Asia and Korea is one of the largest and oldest at the FAAS.

The Department has consistently implemented the policy for opening Oriental specializations new to Russian universities. The Vietnamese and Indonesian Philology programme was opened in 1955, the Burmese Philology programme in 1957, the Thai and Khmer Philology programmes in 1963, the Tagalog Philology programme in 1967. In the beginning of the 1960s, the Department was merged with the Department of Korean Philology.

Since 1998, the Department has been led by Rudolf A. Yanson.

The high scholarly and teaching potential allows us to provide well-rounded fundamental training in the languages and literatures of the countries in South-Eastern Asia. A considerable proportion of students enjoy a period of training in the target-language country. Regardless of specialization, there are compulsory courses in theoretical grammar, the history of the language and literature, ethnography, geography and history of the country.

The dynamics of staff composition is largely determined by working conditions of university teachers and social provision in Russia. However, through involving research staff in teaching, the Department has managed to both increase the teaching staff and ensure a balance of various age groups among the faculty. Gradual staff rejuvenation remains a strategic task, which is why training prospective faculty members through Master’s and PhD programmes and building better prospects for young teachers have become a priority and will remain so in future.

The Department will continue to create comfortable conditions for faculty and staff, enhance qualification, publish monographs concerned with the analysis of pressing issues in Oriental studies and shedding light on unresearched or poorly researched themes.

Areas of specialization:

  • Burmese-Chinese Philology
  • Indonesian-Malaysian Philology

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